2G1126: Distributed Computer Systems, 2002/2003

Dept. of Microelectronics and Information Technology, Forum, Kista.


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Course description

The course aims at you who want to specialize in advanced computer systems, in particular for parallel and distributed applications. It is primarily intended for D students who follow the "kompetensinriktning Datorsystem" and E students taking the "fördjupningsblock Datorsystem", but other students from D and E can take it as "valfri" ("övrigt valbar"). Also other students can take the course, but only after having applied to EIT to follow the course and an individual approval. The course is given by the IT departartment of KTH in Kista
This year the course is divided into two parts: Distributed algorithms and a Web-performance evaluation module.

Course Literature

Randy Chow and Theodore Johnson Distributed Operating Systems & Algorithms .
Addison Wesley 1997. ISBN 0-201-49838-3.
Available at the bookstore in the electrum building

Course Staff

Luc Onana-Alima, email onana@it.kth.se, phone 08-790 4126.
Rassul Ayani, email rassul@it.kth.se, phone 08-790 4125.

Seif Haridi(course leader) , email seif@it.kth.se, phone 070-512 1540.


Zacharias El Banna, email zeb@sics.se, phone 08-633 15 71

Course Contents

The course consists of the following two modules:

Electronic Means of Contact

The mailing list 2G1126@it.kth.se will reach the students and the teachers of the course.
In order to become a member send an email to majordomo@it.kth.se that contains the following line in the BODY field
subscribe 2g1126


5h theory exam (TEN 4p) covering distributed algorithms and cache coherence/consistency models (the course book). Signup, by email to onana@it.kth.se at least a week in advance, is mandatory.
You are allowed to bring all the course material to the exam (i.e., "open book" exam).
Bonus points valid at the first exam will be given to students for reporting errors in the tutorials and for reporting assignments on time.

Project course for the distributed algorithms and simulation part. Examination here consists of lab 1 (distributed algorithms papers) and lab 2 (web simulation).
Those correctly completing lab 1 before due date is awarded bonus points on the exam. Completing lab 2 before due dates is weighted into the final grade.

A pass on the course requires a pass on the written examination (TEN 4p), a pass on lab 1 and lab 2, giving a total of 10p for the whole course.

Theory exam: date and place

Date: 2003-06-02.
Time: 9h - 14h
Room: 538 at the IT university, Isafjordsgatan 39 in Kista.

Old Exams

99-06-02 (gzipped postscript), and solutions (gzipped postscript).

98-05-28 (gzipped postscript), and solutions (gzipped postscript).

98-08-24 (gzipped postscript), and solutions (gzipped postscript).

99-01-13 (gzipped postscript), and solutions (gzipped postscript).

Course Evaluation

There is a course inquiry (english). If you have taken the course this spring, please fill it out and return according to the instructions on it. Your feedback is most important and will help us give a better course next year.

Zacharias El Banna, zeb@sics.se

Last updated: 2003-06-02