Written personal presentation

We would like each one of you to produce a document with a maximum of 1
page that introduces yourself. Note that everyone should do this. It should not be a complete CV.

The document should
include the following information:

Write the presentation in English as it will be read by the Master Students, and most of them do not speak Swedish but all of them speak English.

This document will be used for the group/role selection process. On
Tuesday November 21 the project managers of projects P1-P19 will
make a brief presentation of themselves and their projects. After that you
will have at least 2 hours available when you can walk around and talk to
the project managers to get more info and try to decide which projects you
are interested in working with. During this process you will give your
document to the project managers so that they can keep the info and make
their selection. Then you will make your own list where you rank the
projects. The outcome of the selection process is two sets of lists:

1) The project managers lists. Each project manager writes a list over who
they want to have in their project.
2) Each bachelor student writes a list with a ranking
of the projects he wants to participate in

The final decision about group selection will be made by the course