NNSE: The Nostrum NoC Simulation Environment

Nostrum NoC Simulation Environment (NNSE) is part of the Nostrum project and contains a SystemC based simulator. A GUI is used to select size, topology, routing policy, and traffic patterns. Based on these configuration parameters a simulator is built and executed. Simulation results can be displayed in a variety of graphs.

The current release 0.1 Beta is a test release aimed for testing and internal use only. Expect that things don't work as you hope, but let us know about problems, bugs, comments and suggestions by mailing to nnse-support@ict.kth.se.

You can download the zip'd directory of Semla v2.2.2 2008-05-23. In the directory you find a Semla simulator tutorial. It is incomplete and rudimentary but should allow you to get started.

We would like to get your feedback, positive and negative, and how you are using NNSE: nnse-support@ict.kth.se

axel 2009-10-27